Pumpkin' Paintin'

As soon as we got home last week from the field trip, Zoe asked if she could paint her pumpkin. Last year, we carved them, but for some reason this year, she wanted to paint them (much to Mark's gratefulness..it's hard carving little pumpkins). So, we painted pumpkins on Saturday...

Liam's pumpkin was a beautiful shade of...purple and black when he finished with it.

Ace decided his pumpkin would get dressed up...as an apple (it was red alllll over).

Zoe eating her pumpkin candy while contemplating how her pumpkin would look.

We started Josiah out with finger paints thinking that would be easier for him. However, he saw that everyone else had a paint brush and he wanted one too...

Ta Da!

I think it's a punk rock pumpkin!

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