Off We Go...

Well, the kids are dropped off and safely with Grandmere and Papa. We're packed up and the house is settled...we'll be off in a few hours to Canada! I can't believe it's already here. We met with the couple that we're going with and still aren't sure what our jobs are going to be. Mainly, we think, we're building relationships and serving as "dare I say" an example of a Christian marriage and family...aggghhhh! I hardly think of us as an example for anyone to follow, but hopefully Christ can show through our many, many imperfections. Speaking of which, I will be working on some posts on "how I do it." A lot of people ask me that question or make statements like, "I just don't know how you do it." So, I thought I'd share the Secrets of a Super Mom (yeah, right). So stay tuned. I'll also try to do random blogging while wandering through a "foreign" land. Okay, so Canada isn't really foreign, especially since we'll be going to an English speaking part of Canada.

Oh, and I've got more picture posts coming up through Friday in case we get swamped and I can't make it to my computer (now that's suffering for Jesus!). Please pray that I know when to keep my mouth shut and that only He is lifted up when I open it!

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