Our Visit to THE University (Roll Tide!)!!

I'm finally posting pictures from last weekend. Yeah, I know I'm behind. Give me a little credit. I celebrated being back in the kitchen by baking yesterday. Four loaves of sandwich bread, 48 crescent rolls, and 4 dozen muffins later...I was pooped. Here's pictures from our visit to Tuscaloosa...with commentary (I can feel your excitement as you begin to scroll.

Here we have the apartments that I first lived in when I moved to T-town. Mark and I were three months away from marrying. Although he visited often, he never stayed...and I have no clue how my parents, nor his allowed us to live in this place. Yes, this was the site where, after being married for four months, he awoke one morning to find his car had been keyed overnight by the transvestites that lived below us. Nothing like seeing an over 6' man wearing a silver tight mini skirt, I tell you! Of course, they didn't just casually key it, they keyed lovely happy sweet words of encouragement on it (not really) and then promptly slashed his tires. Their reason (once they found them, for they had moved pretty quickly before we could get a clue) was that they didn't like the way Mark looked at them when he was coming in. Aside from the brief sightseeing we did on Saturday nights (we were poor college students...or at least he was) Mark never really looked at them at all. To compensate for letting the hmm, men??, get away, the apartment complex allowed us to move across the street to this apartment...

Which happened to be the apartment that was burlarized on Halloween night while I was at work and Mark was at class. Luckily, I was late getting home. After this, we thought it best to find another apartment to move into while Mark finished out his last year at U of A. So, we found this wonderfully, awesome apartment (no, I'm not being sarcastic this time). I told Mark I still think about how great this little complex was and how nice the apartment was...and not too expensive either.

After a trip down memory lane we grabbed lunch and headed to the Quad at the University of Tuscaloosa. However, we circled the quad several times looking for a place to park. Once there we enjoyed lunch and the kids enjoyed running around...until Ace stepped in the ant bed at Denny Chimes. The picture at Denny Chimes reflects their happiness after that!

Okay, if you are an Alabama fan, ya gotta love this picture Mark took. He's such a great photographer. For those non-Alabama people, this is the top of Denny chimes, one of the beautiful trademarks of the campus. It's right in the quad and a very popular place.

See our happy troops!!!

Stay tuned...more to come!

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