The City Mice and the Country Mice

So, after visiting U of A we headed to visit family. Mark's brother and his wife live in "the country." Hence, the title. My kids loved being outside almost all day. On with the pics.

This is O, she's a week (exactly) older than Zoe. To say that Zoe enjoyed a couple extra girls around is putting it mildly. The only thing she didn't enjoy was the singing and talking at bedtime...but she got over it.

They all went for a ride in the pick up truck to gather apples. Noticed that Liam is in the cab while the others got to ride in the back...hmmm, wonder why???

Ace with Cousin G. She's exactly one month younger than Ace. Aunt B and I plan these things, ya know. Make it easier on the grandparents!

Zoe with big cousin J. They had a blast too. See the Alabama and the Auburn. Yeah, we're all that kind of family (the kind with conflicting teams...but really it's not a big deal).
Liam got to ride on Uncle B's shoulders to pick apples. I believe he also gave Uncle B a few pops in the face when pulling them off...such as the reason for the turn away.

Zoe and J working hard on the farm!

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