A Teaser

I have a cold right now...my children love to share germs.

Anyway, I needed to cut the boys' hair and decided to jump in and do the all over cut with the clippers instead of the bowl cut they've had since I first cut their hair.

Gone is the bowl cut, here is the new super slim cut. It looks really cute but they look a lot older. I used my #7 guard on my clippers. Lots of hair and about an hour later, they're done.

I can now cut two different styles of boys hair...actually three if you count getting gel and spiking it up (which I don't think Mark would like too much). Yea me!

Wish I had a camera to show you all...but I don't ;)

You'll all have to wait until you see them in person or when the camera comes in (by the way for anyone interested, Mark chose a Panasonic Lumix something or other.).

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