The Bug Has Bit

Well, the stomach bug has bitten at our house. It's been going around church for awhile. Josiah had couple of episodes this weekend where he spit up a large amount of milk. We didn't think it was anything but overeating, until I got sick this morning. I've been in bed all day but only threw up twice. Downing Powerade and just now eating some crackers.

We're supposed to go out of town this weekend to a baby shower (well, I am) and to pick up some, I'm praying the kids don't get it and that these crackers will stay down.

Oh, and we got our camera in yesterday. I think Mark will post pics later of Ace and his haircut (and a surprise from him too).

And, no, I'm not pregnant. Yes, I'm sure!

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  1. Oh, Abbie, I'm so sorry! It is absolutely miserable. Please let me know if I can do anything. I'll let you borrow my can of Lysol:)