Tellin' time, football, and more...

We're still fighting the cold around here. Zoe's up next with it. She isn't and, my guess is, won't run a fever with it.

Here's a Zoe funny: She has been learning to tell time. While we were visiting my parents, we went out to eat and the establishment had the penny candy/toys in the little dispensers (although they weren't for pennies but actually quarters and some two quarters). So, naturally, the "grands" decided to ask their "grand" parents for some money to get something. It just so happens that one of the cheap toys was a digital watch. Zoe saw and immediately wanted it. She got it and proceeded the whole night to announce: "It's 7:31 mommy." Walks away..."Mommy, it's 7:32 now." Walks away. "Mommy, oh, mommy, guess what it's...7:33." This continued on until she went to bed. My parents, the whole next day, kept asking her what time it was to get her going again! Mark and I were anticipating her getting up in the middle of the night to tell us it was 4:00!

Football funny: Liam got a football man that you bang on and he kicks a ball (Headbangers, I think?!) at my parents' home. It was the first gift he opened.

"butball!" he exclaimed
"Yes, Liam. That's great. Here, open the rest of your gifts." mom, Granddaddy, Ge and the like.
"No, butball, open peese." Granddaddy proceeds to open the football guy up and Liam starts to playing.
"Oh Liam, isn't that great. But you have other gifts to open. Don't you want to open these gifts up?" me hoping he can open his so the rest of us "adults" can open ours.
"Nooo, no, no, no."

He did eventually get to opening gifts and still went back to the football.

Can you guess what his favorite sport is? His birthday party this year is going to be football. I found a football cake pan at Wally World. He saw the cake pan and exclaimed, "butball, burday cake." Oh yes, that's what he's getting for his cake. Too cute.

I promise pictures are coming.

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