Sick Kids Update

Did I fail to mention that we were out of town celebrating Christmas with all our family? Well, we are. And we left yesterday afternoon. We arrived last night and ate quickly then shuffled the kids off to bed (napping in the car is very hard). Liam got a dose of tylenol. We laid them all down and Mark went down with Josiah several times before we went to bed. I went to lay down (Josiah's in our room) and as I was dozing off, I started coughing, which woke Josiah up and eventually (because Josiah wouldn't settle) woke up Liam (who was in the adjoining room). Josiah's very congested. Liam's running a fever. And I retreated to the room Zoe and Ace were sleeping in and got four hours sleep before going down to be ready to feed Josiah (who still was having trouble sleeping). I found Liam, Josiah, and Mark all in bed together. Mark eventually took Josiah upstairs and slept with him on the couch...a little upright. I got the "kicker" who finally settled down around 5. When I came back downstairs, Liam was very hot (but not literally on fire), so we gave him more drugs which helped to wake him up at some point when his fever went down.

So, all that to say, it's not Christmas unless someone or multiple ones are sick in our home!!! I am very grateful that it's just viruses, though.

Mark revealed one of my Christmas presents today. I had requested we do something for Ronald McDonald house. They house families, free, regardless of income, when their children are going through medical treatment. I wanted to take them a meal but came up with this Christmas wish list a little late and they were covered. They actually only have three families there right now and one is going home for Christmas. The other two have babies in the NICU and have been there so long, they didn't have clothing for the winter. We are providing gift cards and we also picked up a little something for the babies. It reminds me how blessed I am that my children just have the sniffles and a virus. I also know how quickly that can change from watching family friends deal with the illness of cancer in their little one. So, I count my blessings no matter how sleep deprived I am!

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