Happy 5th Birthday Zoe!!

About this time five years ago, I was getting ready to deliver our first born child and only daughter. I could never had dreamed what a blessing she would be to our lives. She is growing to be such a sweet and lively young girl and soon a young lady. She is full of life, which is what her name means.

Today, we celebrate with family and then next weekend, we'll have her party with her friends! She got a special treat of breakfast out with Mark and I while the boys played with their Grandmere. We all three enjoyed it. Even if we had to wait 30 plus minutes for our food and Mark's strawberry banana pancakes had onions in them. It was fun to be out with just her.

So, if you read regularly. I know it would thrill Zoe to have a comment posted to wish her a happy birthday!


  1. Wow Zoe! You are getting so big!!! I can't wait to see pictures from your birthday. Have a great day! Happy Birthday!!! Lisa Churchill

  2. Happy Birthday Sweet Princess Zoe. We love you and are going to try to call you if we can find you :) We love you Sweetie, Jacie, Ethan, Erin, and Jay

  3. Happy Birthday Zoe!!! I hope you had a great day! You are growing up so fast and I enjoy seeing you every Sunday in Cubbies! Happy Birthday again!