Reunion Pictures are Here!!!

So, Mark's 10 year reunion was this weekend. It was a lot of fun to see old friends. For those that don't know, Mark and I went to the same high school together. I graduated a year before he did. I don't remember half of his class which was proven when people kept coming up to me and I had no idea who they were. A lot happens in 10 years. Speaking of which, I didn 't realize how much weight I had truly gained with Josiah until I looked at the above picture, ugghhh. Workin' on it!At the picnic on Saturday, we got to see some friends I did recognize. It was two of Mark's college roommates who also went to school with us. They enjoyed holding Josiah and playing with Zoe and Ace.

That evening, we went to a very nice restaurant, ate wonderful food, and stood around and talked while "others" got on the dance floor. We did get to dance to a few songs. I like swing music and shag music (I'm "old" for my age) but everyone else was requesting the more hip hop music that was popular when we were in school. Of course, there was the inevitable Electric Slide, Macarana (not sure that's spelled right) and now the ChaCha Slide. Loads of fun to do...not really. We really enjoyed visiting and watching everyone act crazy. Not much has changed since high school for some people. Yes, we did get the reward for having the most kids. Among Mark's classmates, we counted numerous engineers of some sort. Very funny. My class was full of teachers.
I had to include this picture of one of Mark's college roommates, high school classmates, and best man at our wedding. I caught him talking mid sentence and this was his goofy face...hehehe...toldya I'd include it!

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