Busy Day

Today we had a school break as we are sticking closely with the school calendar allowing them to be off when friends are out, etc.

So, we headed off to the gym after laying around and then went out for lunch with some friends from the gym. The kids had a great time. Who wouldn't? An hour working out in exchange for chicken nuggets and greasy unhealthy fries, swallowed down by a nice soft drink...yummm! But the kids had a great time :)

Now to our car woes. While visiting family (which I should be posting pictures on soon) this weekend, Mark and his dad noticed a slow drip from the anti-freeze. Mark checked the levels and they were low and then they were low by the time we reached home. A leak in or near the radiator. We thought it might be a hose that he could work on with a friend, but now, he thinks it is part of the radiator something or other (give me credit, I did know what the radiator was and anti-freeze). He saw it "oozing" out of one area on the radiator. Now, he's got to leave work early today and take it in to get it checked out. However, if they have to repair it, we may be without transportation next week which looks like this: Monday: speech (and Zoe's reeval), Tuesday: Ballet (which we pay for and I don't want to miss because then that means we're not getting our $$ worth), Wednesday: speech (possibly), Thursday: MOPS, and Friday I have no clue but I'm sure we have to be somewheres. We're looking into renting a van (yippee, new car to drive that doesn't belong to my car payments). But, that is expensive and we're not sure we'll be able to do it on top of the fix on the van. Otherwise, I think I might be able to work out transportation for all our troops to all their events. I can only imagine how confusing this would be if they actually had to go to school building other than our home, yikes!

And as a finale to the day...breakfast for supper...yum yum!

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