Somehow and for some reason, Josh McDowell, came to speak at our church. If you don't know who Josh McDowell is, he is a great Christian speaker and author. His main focus is on teenagers and he's written several books to help Christians focus on the basics of our belief and mainly on the truth!

He spoke Sunday morning and Sunday evening to a packed house. I only got to hear the morning message because Josiah was a little fussy and there were 10 babies in the nursery so I stayed back there to help. It was really good.

His main focus Sunday morning was on the importance of fathers in the lives of children. And the importance of loving and caring for our children. He threw out a ton of statistics about how having a caring/loving father effects children and how a non-loving father steers children away from Christ.

It was great to hear and also wonderful to reflect on how loving and caring a father Mark is. He's always there for the kids and though our house may need 100 things done, he puts them third (God, me and then them). He'll put aside all of his "chores" till after they're in bed to play and allow them to "pile on" him. He's never once complained about changing a diaper, slinging a baby (wearing them), sleeping in a rocker with a fussy one, having to leave work to go to the hospital with them...none of that. I am so blessed that my children have a father who strives to reflect the love of our Heavenly Father.

I love ya, babe!

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