A Sad but Joyous Day

Our family's dear friend, Kennis, who had been bravely fighting a form of brain tumors, has gone to be with Jesus this morning. We are extremely sad around here and abroad. My sweet niece (Kennis's best friend since they were in diapers) will have a hard time grieving as well as the rest of our family.

We are sad here but she is no longer sad or hurting! These past few months have been tough as the cancer came back suddenly and aggressively. My family has had to watch sweet Kennis slowly slip away mentally. We are so thankful that she is no longer hurting and that she's up in heaven praising Jesus!

Please pray for the Nix family and all the friends grieving the loss of such a special young lady. I am very frustrated that I can not console my niece or nephew at this time because of the baby coming soon. Please pray for comfort for them. My niece is 8 and my nephew is 6 and this is a hard age to learn what it means to be mortal and to also know where eternity will be spent. I praise God that they are all Christians and have a good grasp on His unfailing love during this difficult time.

To send condolences, you can sign Kennis's Caring Bridge site at www.kennisnix.com

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