While the four oldest were in our annual standardized testing for three days, the rest of us had a few adventures.

 Playground at the mall was a hit. 

 And our local Chick-fil-a has a Wednesday morning activity called Biscuits and Buddies.  They typically have a special guest come in and do a craft or talk about something fun with the kids.  They do this every Wednesday and, of course, with the four oldest around it's harder to get to.  But the four youngest, loved it!  They got to make fun whoopie pies and noise makers (which Emmie promptly ate the tape off of.  She's fine and I think I got most of it out before she swallowed it).

 Wednesday was a big day too because we were doing another Atlanta run that Friday.  We went to get the oil changed after testing and we were informed that the tires absolutely needed to be changed.  Quick calls and we got in to our usual tire place (they don't sell our size tires at any ol' tire place) and we were set.  But we had to wait for the tires to be we did this:

And "elfed" our selves.  Yes, it was March.

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