Emmie's Update

In February, we had planned to have Emmie's MRI and her neurology appointment.  Unfortunately, the night before her MRI, she was coughing and sputtering and having massive amounts of yuckiness coming from her nose.  She had a cold.  We all did, actually.  Not fun.

So, since she has to be sedated, we contacted radiology and they gave a pretty big ol' fat no to the MRI that day.  We wholeheartedly agreed.

But before the MRI, Emmie got to hang out with Dr. W, her neurologist.  

That was his goofy grin...And check it out.   I am not touching Emmie and she's not screaming!  Woohoo.  Obviously, she thinks he's pretty awesome and we agree with her.

Dr. W said she looked great and is rocking standing up and doing all the things a nine month old should do.  He told us that based on her next MRI, we'll determine her next follow up appointment.

Fast forward to March and we were able to reschedule her MRI for the 7th, this past Saturday.
Waiting for the super not fun iv stick
Our little hero was a trooper.  Her MRI was scheduled for 6 am.  We left Ge & Granddaddy's by 5 to get there in time.  Tiredness does not even begin to describe how she was. 

She was aware this time.  Very aware.  And she mostly wanted Mama to hold her.  That means that I got to hold her through the IV stick.  Nothing can prepare you for your baby screaming and crying and trying to bury her head in to your chest because she knows Mama is safe and Mama is the one holding her letting these people stick sharp objects in to her.  I had to fight that Mama Bear instinct to scoop her up and run out the door (truth be told, I have fought it through each MRI).  However, since I'm the Mama, that means I got to take her as soon as she came back to the room too.

 She did excellent with anesthesia this time.  Her nurse said she was already waking up when they finished so she just carried her back to us.  She slept peacefully for about fifteen minutes and then gradually woke up.
After some mama's milk, she had some daddy silly time while we waited for the discharge.

And the nurse surprised her with a fun balloon and super soft stuffed teddy which entertained her on the way home.

I wish I could say we had boring results from the MRI, but right now, it doesn't appear that way.  We'll know more when we talk to Dr. W and I'll share more then.  The news is not entirely devastating.  Just hard to swallow.  Like one of those giant horse size prenatal vitamins.  Then again, it could be the ol' WAW as my good friend Kristina calls it now.  Watch And Wait.  Our least favorite three words in the human language now.

For now, we appreciate prayers for Super Em or Miss Ems as we call her.  She's our hero.  And she's got lots of gumption to go along with that title!

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