Emmie's 9 Months!

I know I'm not quite done with January updates but ya'll, this girl's pictures just had to be shared.

 This face.  Oh my she looks like a little old ma but it's her normal focused face.

 Playing peek-a-boo.

 Photo bombed by a sweet protective sister.

See?  She's just adorable!

She had her nine month check up this month (March).

Here's her stats:

18 lbs 8.4 oz.
28 1/2 inches long

She's our petite little thing and we're watching her weight closely but she is right on track with her development and we couldn't be any more pleased!

She loves to eat whatever we have and expects all food to be shared.  She hasn't learned that mama doesn't share chocolate with anyone.

She's not really interested in crawling but let her use you to stand up and she's off cruising around whatever she can reach.

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