A Tale of Mistaken Identity

Once upon a time there were two beautiful little boys with the same name who dwelt under the same roof in a land far, far away.  One little boy was placed under the care of his aunt and the other had no one to care for him.

Until one day when the little boy left his far away home on an adventure half way around the world.  His feet landed on foreign soil and in to the arms of a mother and father who grew to love him dearly.

Alas, that little boy had to leave his new family to return to his faraway home but oh how the mother and father and his new brothers and sisters prayed that one day they would be reunited.

One day, sad news traveled from afar to the mother and father that the little boy was under the care of a kind and loving aunt.  While the parents were devastated they would never see their son again, they knew that he was in God's hands and only God would direct his steps and guide his precious life.

Then news traveled again from afar...the little boys with the same names had been confused.  Yes, indeed, the little traveler was not under the care of a loving aunt.  It was the other beautiful boy with the same name.

The family from half way around the world rejoiced at God's timing and His love and began, anew, the quest to bring their son home forever.

But first!  The young boy will leave his far away home on another adventure half way around the world for two whole months with his loving, and often times crazy, family!

The Beginning...(Because there is no way this tale is going to end here...we need a happily ever after people!)

Okay, okay, now it's the non story teller me!  Yes.  You read that correctly, Y the Brave is indeed available for adoption and we are, once again, on this crazy adoption adventure.

Stay tuned.  Keep your eyes peeled.  We will be raising money to get the first part of our adoption paid for...and then the second...and the third.  We thought breaking it up in to three goals might not make all of our hearts drop to our stomachs!

We've got three fundraisers in the works for now and we'll have more to come.  While Y is here over the summer, we won't be discussing his adoption to protect his heart, so we'll be doing fundraising via the internet.  Mark should have the donate button up soon through Paypal.

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  1. Yeah!! Congratulations to you all. So excited for the addition of number 9. Misty