November Randomness

 Stay calm...that's a plastic knife.  You can't help but admire the timing of the picture though.

 Partying hard with Mama and her friends on a girls' night out.

 Ceili Rain loves the cow.

 Operation Christmas Child is always a big hit in November.

 I emailed Dex Baby because some of our DuraBibs were falling apart after several fun years of use.  Seriously, the best bibs I've ever been able to use.  And they have a lifetime warranty.  They sent me back, not two, but three to replace the two that had been destroyed.  Great company!

 My son and Mark are so edumacated.

 Sitting pretty.  In 12 month clothes!

 Some days only napping on mommy will do.

And, Emmie's first time on a swing.

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