Happy Thanksgiving

We celebrated Thanksgiving at Ge & Granddaddy's house this year.  Be prepared for the goofiness that  is our family...
 Emmie got to meet Uncle Jay.  Next to daddy, he pretty much hung the moon.

 Black Friday (okay, late night Thursday) shopping yielded lots of treasures between Aunt Yaya, Ge, and I.  But the Apples to Apples game was an immediate hit for the kids since it was too cold to go outside.

 This is my nephew, E.  We're super excited that he has almost survived a full year of 13.

 Ceili Rain is just excited to have a big cousin who is willing to give some cuddles.

And make goofy faces with.  Aunt Yaya taught her how to do the "fish" face.

 Malachi and Bryant were driving a truck in one of Granddaddy's fun chairs.

 Aunt Yaya and cousin J showing us how to properly pose for pictures. 

Emmie has been a dog baby since she first noticed that there were furry little things running around our house.  This visit proved it even more.  When Pepper, my yippy "sister," would bark, Emmie just blinked or yelled back at her.  But Rusty, my grumpy ol' "brother," shocked us all.  Once evening he plopped himself right beside Emmie and waited.  This is what she did...
 Baby and dog adorableness...holding hands!
 Rusty isn't a "baby" dog so when he did this we were all quite shocked.  Then, when Emmie was ready for a nap and Mark picked her up, Rusty huffed at us.

 Granddaddy and Emmie got early morning cuddles the whole time we were there.

Ge snuck in a few too.

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