Falling in Love with a Picture

At the end of October, our family fell in love with a picture.  Yes, I know it sounds crazy and insane.  But living in the midst of it, well, it's true.  You see, at the end of October, we decided to participate in an international hosting program with New Horizons for Children.  Mark and I scoured the photo listings and narrowed the children we felt our family would be a good fit for, to three.  We showed the kids the three children and discussed the information about each and they all unanimously wanted this one eight year old boy with a sweet smile.  They wanted him to come to our home for four weeks this winter.  After that, it was all over.  We knew very little but we all knew one thing...the more we looked at his picture and prayed for him, the more we loved him.

He's here now and in just a short two and half weeks we'll say our good byes to a child who has captured our hearts and become one of us.  One of our people.  Over the next month, I'll not only share about our international hosting but also about our crazy busy wouldn't change it for anything December.

But for now, I am soaking in every minute we get with this amazing kid.  And for now, meet Y.

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