I had a lovely birthday this year.  My parents came up the day before and watched the kids so I could take Emmie to her well check.  Mark took me shopping the week before because...well, because my clothes were getting baggy and falling down.  It's a good problem to have.  

Mark made my chocolate cake with chocolate icing and Zoe suggested we had mini chocolate chips.  Fully of yumminess.

We live in a military town which means a lot of "transplants" come here and stay.  I love meeting new people and trying new foods.  This summer, some neighbors recommended a Hawaiian barbecue place.  We were more than happy to try it out.  Mark and I tried it out on a date night and loved it.  So, my birthday dinner request was for the family to experience a bit of Hawaii in our little Southern town.  It's not a fancy place but the food.  Oh, the food is awesome!

On Friday nights they have Polynesian dancers.  My little dancer, Ceili Rain, loved it and just had to get a picture made with the dancers.

My other birthday request was to get our bedroom painted.  I spent several hours in our dark brown room when Emmie was born.  I grew tired of the color and wanted a lighter color...a blue.  So, I grabbed several paint samples and stared at them for several months before deciding on one.  Mark painted it the  weekend of my birthday and I couldn't be happier.  It's bright and more welcoming.
This is the painting in progress.

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