August Randomness

Picture overload to commence in 3...2...1...

 At Ge's house, there are dogs.  Real ones and fake ones.  The fake ones are perfect to sit on for some tv watching.

 Daddy helped make a light hut to grow plants.  Our real plants in our real garden grew.  Alas, these did not.
 Emmie thinks her brother is pretty cool and I would say the feeling is mutual.

 We had a grumpy Emmie one day and Zoe offered to wear her.  I got a bit of work done and Zoe got a few extra cuddles.  This cuteness is a bit overwhelming.

 One day all was quiet and I went upstairs to find six kids playing and laughing.  Over legos.  Ah, if every day could be like this.

 More cuteness...Emmie sleeps with her hands behind her head.  Sometimes I catch her holding her ear to sleep.
 An unfortunate accident.  Liam met the counter with his face and as a result got a big ol' fat lip.

 Emmie's new trick.  No rolling but she can go to her side like a pro.

 This is why she can only go to her side...Her people surround her and watch her like a hawk.

 Being 4 is so hard.  Especially on pizza night.
 Mark woke him up so he took a bite of pizza and was chewing it in his sleep.

 A cold snap (aka in the 80s) meant schooling in the yard.

 That's Josiah's foot.  He was sitting in the chair next to this one and somehow slipped his foot in and couldn't get it out.  I tried.  He tried.  I took a picture and sent it to Mark (okay, I posted it on Facebook too).  Just as I was talking to Mark, he wiggled it out.  And then we all laughed.

 Our church has a summer program and the kids all did so well, our pastor had a fun end of summer miniature golf trip for our families.

 My girls!  Actually, these are daddy's girls.  No doubt about it.  I like to pretend that Emmie prefers me but who am I kidding?!  Daddy rocks.

 I wonder what she is pondering in her sleep.

Ceili Rain took her baby to church one day.  Complete with diaper bag filled with things to occupy her.  She patiently held her and changed her and loved on her.  It was too adorable for words.

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