May Randomness

 I love my kids creativity.  This slide is from our old play fort.  They have also rigged a swing on the inside of the dome.  I know.  It looks dangerous but they have made sure it was sturdy and Mark checked it as well.

 A fort is fun around here.  That's our friend, Laura, in front.

 Just because he's adorable.  And he begs, "Take picture me, peas" when we pull out a camera.

 Zoe was so excited to find a frog on a tree on the hill and grabbed the camera for a shot.

 Liam's hair was a bit sticky up one day after a pool trip.  Mark had him pose for this picture.
 Duck Dynasty, anyone?!  

Liam is getting really good at constructing things with legos.   Again, lots of creativity. 

 Malachi with his two favorite things:  Alabama hat and a truck.

 King of the Mountain.

Zoe's swimsuit this year.  I love the fabric she picked out.  If you look closely, you can see Ceili Rain hiding behind her.  CeiRai's swimsuit is the first one I made  Unfortunately, being stored for six years and worn by two people, it's been worn down.  I am in the process of making new ones out of the scrap fabric from previous swimsuits.  Yay for cheap cute suits!

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