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I know I haven't shared too much about Lilla Rose on here but some times I just have to!  We have been selling Lilla Rose hair jewelry for about a year and half now.  It has been such a blessing.  When Mark was furloughed last year, we made just enough from doing two shows a month and home parties that we were able to supplement our income.  Lilla Rose provided spending money and then some for our cruise we took in October.  Now, we are hoping to use our Lilla Rose profit to participate in New Horizons for Children program where we will have an orphan from Easter Europe come over for several weeks in December in hopes of finding his or her family.

But then, in December last year, I took the whole month off and only bought gifts for family.  When Emmie was born, I did nothing for May and very little for June.  I was still considered a consultant but did not feel the pressure to purchase a ton of items or try to sell a ton.  There was no quota that had to be met.

Lilla Rose makes it easy to get started with a free website, tons of support and training as well as no monthly quotas.  You can sell as much or as little as you want (or just feed your Lilla Rose addiction).

And now, Lilla Rose is offering free shipping on enrollment kits!  You can get started with these awesome and unique hair jewelry for just $49.95.  Free shipping is until July 31st.  Contact me today to learn more or just head over to my website (Did I mention that they provide these for free?) and sign on up!

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