Emmie's Visitors

I know I tend to get wordy and since Emmie's birth story is taking up three parts, I thought I would break it up with pictures!

Emmie was born at 9:27 in the evening, so we asked that only family visit on Tuesday and that whoever wanted to could come on Wednesday (which would help break up the boredom of the long hospital stay).  That turned out to be a nice blessing.  The kids met Emmie in the early afternoon on Tuesday and all the granddparents were there to love and dote on all eight of them.  My parents stayed while Mark ran home to get a shower and rest.  Ge and Granddaddy got lots of cuddles with Emmie and I did my best to try and catch up on sleep.

Then Wednesday rolled around and the kids visited in the morning and friends in the afternoon and evening.

That's Aunt Tracy that came down to get snuggles and some newborn hospital pictures.  Sorry it's sideways.

 M is our pastor's wife but also a very dear friend.  We are blessed to have such loving church family!

 R is 30-something weeks pregnant and was our neighbor before the army decided they needed to head out to another part of the country (obviously, she hasn't left yet but will after her first babe is here).  I've enjoyed watching all her fun first time pregnant happenings!  And she got to enjoy some Emmie cuddles.

 Kristina came up to visit with Emmie.  I begged her to stay until we were out of the surgery and she did but she never got a chance to cuddle with her and since she hadn't seen her kids or husband that entire day she headed out soon after we were done.  I have a feeling she'll get lots more cuddles to make up for it this next year.
 Zoe's best friend, L, who is also Kristina's daughter.  See, how that works?  I love having one of my best friends have kids that are best friends with my kids...it makes visiting with each other super awesome.  L, loved holding Emmie!

J, a sweet friend who we have gotten to know through our homeschool care group.  She was so sweet to bring a comfy muslin blanket for Emmie and got a couple of snuggles before Emmie requested demanded to eat.  By the way, I never realized how awesome those little muslin blankets are.  They are comfy, big and also doubles as  a lightweight nursing cover.

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