Snow Day 2014

Yes, we were hit not only with a polar vortex (new to me phrase) at the first of the year, we were also blessed with our snow day for the next seven years (we hope).  This was a classic southern snow for us:  Here one day and gone the next.

We got about an inch and half and it was enough to play in and keep Mark home from work.  Perfect.  And a bonus was no loss of power (which we lost when the cold came through but that was only for an hour or so).

After breakfast we walked the neighborhood and the kids enjoyed sliding down a neighbors hill on a real sled.  FYI, a tote box top does not work well for sliding in one and half inches of snow.

 They were so ready to play and so ready to come back in too.  It was very cold outside.

 Our snowman!  He looks so tall...
 but really, he's sitting on the picnic table in the back yard.  I wish I had grabbed a picture of a neighbor's snowman.  After it was built (over six feet tall), their yard and another yard were free from snow.
Snowball fight.
Our first snow in this house.

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