National Bible Bee or Bust...

Zoe worked hard this summer as she participated for the first time in the National Bible Bee.  We were so excited to see her not only do well but also qualify for the national competition which was held in November.  It was held in Pigeon Forge,  Tennessee and since that is driving distance, we felt we couldn't pass up the chance to go and experience the bee from a national perspective.  She competed against over 85 children in her age division (7 to 10).  We found out in December that out of those 85 she placed 46 over all!  Not bad for a first timer.  Aside from competition (which included working to memorize over 70 passages and studying Ephesians...competitors competed in an oral round and a written exam for the first round of competition), we also got to meet a lot of new people.  It was a friendly and fun compeition that our whole family enjoyed.

 On our way!

The competition was held at Wilderness at the Smokies which also has an indoor waterpark.  The waterpark is the first thing you see when you enter the resort.  The kids were so excited!

Zoe on stage during opening ceremonies.  Gee, she made a friend...anyone surprised?

All ready for a day of competition.  She had fun and we were so proud of her.

While Zoe competed in oral rounds, I took the kids (with Grandmere and Papa's help) to the indoor play area.  Liam had fun on the ropes course.

Enjoying some slide time.

 Michael Ferris was the speaker for the closing ceremonies.  Mark said he gave a great speech.  It was extremely late and I was shepherding kids to and from the restroom...such is the life.

 On the way out of town, Emmie decided we needed pancakes.  We stopped at one of the many flapjacks restaurants and enjoyed some yummy food.  Apparently, the food took awhile so Josiah sorted and organized the jelly holder for them.    Not sure where that OCD tendency came from.

After the extremely late closing ceremonies, we headed for the dessert reception.  Our crew was tired and cranky but they managed a big smile before requesting the camera be put away.

Oh and a fun treat was seeing these people:

We walked out of opening ceremonies and I looked up at Family Research Council's booth and realized I had seen them before but couldn't place them.  In fact, I almost went up and started chatting since I just knew I knew them.  It took a half minute to realize...that's Josh and Anna Duggar (you can't see Anna in the picture but she is holding their youngest with his head turned).  Duh.  They weren't busy and I wanted to go up and actually speak to them...but then, what would I say without looking like a total dork?!  Mark wondered the same thing later.  Oh well.  It was neat seeing them and stalking with the camera.

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