I wonder...

Since Zoe didn't make semi-finals, we were able to check out of our rather expensive hotel room and check in to a nice timeshare that some friends so graciously set up for us.  That gave us the opportunity to explore other things in Pigeon Forge.  After we checked out, we headed to Apple Barn restaurant and enjoyed an amazing lunch with Ge & Granddaddy.  It was cold and wet and we'll use that as our excuse for why I didn't get pictures.

The next morning, we decided to do Wonderworks.  Aunt Yaya and her family had gone to this museum on a previous visit and we were told it was well worth the cost.

So, off we went.

It was totally worth it!

The kids really enjoyed all the activities.  We played and played.  Left for lunch and then came back and played some more.  It's basically a giant, hands on, science museum.  Totally counted as school.

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