Cruisin...Part 3

The next day, we headed in to Nassau, Bahamas.  Our plan was to sightsee and shop.  We had already booked a tour excursion online so we were set on the sight seeing part.  What we didn't bank on was that my pregnancy nausea (not really morning sickness since I never got sick) and fatigue would continue and actually get worse (the ten week  I did not feel good that day but were able to enjoy the tour thanks to a good tour guide.  We even got to see the famed Atlantis resort.

This is the main government building.  All government buildings are painted pink.  Jails and police buildings are a mint green.  Our tour guide said that the colors are supposed to make it feel cooler but it didn't work.  He also said that there were four seasons in the Bahamas...this summer, last summer, next summer, and the summer after that.

 A view from Fort Fincastle.  The ocean used to be a lot closer to the water but as tourism took over, they dredged the ocean to make room for the cruise ships and a bit more land.  It was never actually used to prevent an attack but it looks really cool.  The front was built to look like a ship.
A water tower built in 1929.  I don't know why I remember dates like that.  I'm weird.  Anyway, not everyone in Nassau has running water.  They do, however, have places set up all over the island to get public water.  And satellite dishes are prevalent on several houses.

We also got to see some of the Atlantis.  We weren't really that impressed.

 Interesting statues and sculptures.
 And big private yachts.

 We did a bit of shopping.  Because I felt so miserable, we didn't go to the straw shops.  We did hit a couple of haggling shops but with all that pressure, I didn't think hormonal me could take it.  Everything they sold in the shops was manufactured in the same place and most of it was just cutsie touristry things.  Everyone had the same stuff.  But, we found Bay Street.  And we found craft vendors set up down the whole street.  Most people had custom crafts that they were selling and loved talking!  We met the sweetest lady who was selling steel drums that she and her husband made.  He tuned them and she painted them.  She told us about her products and then just shared about her country and their beautiful traditions.  It was an absolute treat to talk with her.  The highlight is when this sweet short plump lady told us about meeting Sean Connery at a movie theater there (he lives still my heart).  She said she asked him if she could give him a hug and got permission from his wife and her husband. He said he could but that he had to pick her up.  And he did!

After grabbing souvenirs for the kids, we headed back to the ship.

After a nap, we watched everyone standing in line to get back on the ship.

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