Cruisin...Part 1

I've got lots to share from our cruise so I thought it would be easier on the eyes to break it up into a few parts.

First of all.  The day before we left for the cruise I had a check up and got the all clear from Dr. J to resume normal activity and to stop progesterone the day before we set sail.  We were thrilled.  

On Thursday, we made sure we were all packed.  Mark worked half a day and I did my best to ready the house for Papa & Grandmere to watch the kids.  But I felt nasty nauseous the whole day.  Not fun.  We persevered and that afternoon set out on a six plus hour drive to get to port by 1 the next day.  But, not before realizing that since I was pregnant, we had to have a letter from Dr. J stating that I was okay to travel and how many weeks, etc, I was.  A quick call before we left and an amazing office and trip in to town, we were set.

Obviously, we stopped for the night since it was only a ten hour drive.  We drove several hours and made it to Cocoa Beach.  We also took some good advice and stopped at a rest station to grab the hotel coupon books.  We settled on the $50 chain hotel that we've used before and offered a continental breakfast.  

This is what we got:
 A hotel for the vertically challenged!  Sorry for the fuzzy picture.  Mark had brushed his teeth the next morning on his knees.  We were cracking up at the size of everything.  Lest you think it may have been a handicapped accessible room, well, we were on the second floor and there was no elevator in sight.

Seriously, even our pillows were made for small people.
After a hardy breakfast of the standard "make your own waffles" and cold cereal the next morning, we headed out for the second leg of our trip to Miami and our ship.

In case you are wondering, the next day the nausea was still there.  I think I rode the entire trip with a pillow on my lap and a bag on top to "catch" anything  should I lose my lunch.

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