Ceili Rainisms

It's been awhile since we've posted some silly sayings, especially from CeiRai.  So, here goes:

We spent Thanksgiving break visiting family.  One night while visiting Papa and Grandmere, I was tucking Ceili Rain in to bed.  In the room she slept in were two large senior portraits.  One of Mark and one of Uncle B.  Ceili Rain looked up at the pictures and pointed to Mark's.  She sweetly said, "He's a handsome man."  She grinned from ear to ear when I told her that was her daddy.
Sunday, Mark was sitting in the Crimson Cruiser, with the crew while I ran in to a store before church.  He said that while I was gone, Ceili Rain (who was dressed in a beautiful red plaid dress and white sweater) started screaming and freaking out, "I forgot my jacket!  Oh no! I forgot my jacket."  Mark then quietly pointed out that she was wearing it.  She got quiet, looked down at her arms and said, "Oh!  Okay!"
On the way home from church, Ceili Rain and Bryant (who was a seat behind her) got in to a bit of an argument.  Ceili Rain finally ended it with she said rather loudly, "YOU ARE SAYING THAT UNKINDLY, BRYANT!"  Hmmm, wonder where she heard that one before.

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