Baby E

 Baby looked great.  That's a hand, back and head.
 I absolutely love ultrasound profiles!
This was the leg position.  That would be the head up near the foot.  Arms were also outstretched over the head.

I suppose you might be wondering if we saw anything else.

We did.  But I won't post that picture on here

Want to know what we saw though?!
 Please welcome, Baby...

Emmie Mae!

"Emmie" means universal and helps us to remember that the Lord's love spans the world.  Not just us.  "Mae" is my mother's middle name.  When I talked to her tonight she said it was also her grandmothers' middle names (both sides, she thinks).  I've read in one place that Mae means woman or lady.  A perfect name for our little lady.  UPDATE: Talking with Papa & Grandmere, we realized that Emmie was Papa's grandmother's name and his other grandmother also had Mae as her middle name.

We are thrilled the Lord has chosen to give us another little girl.  Mark guessed girl.  I did too but didn't want to get set on one gender so I called the baby him until we found out.  It didn't help that I dreamed about finding out the baby was a boy all night the night before.

Mark informed me that I should not doubt him about the genders of our babies...he just knows.  The moodiness probably helps in his prediction as well.

Prayers please.  The placenta is over the cervix.  It's classified as a low-lying placenta (not a full placenta previa which can be scary for mom and baby and cause bed, yeah, not our desire).  We are going for a VBAC but if the placenta is covering the cervix, well, that attempt will be null and void for the safety of mom and baby.  We're fine with that and are trusting the Lord.  Ever the optimist, Dr. J feels that the placenta will shift as my belly grows and move out of the way.  If it does, then yay!  VBAC here we come.  If not, we'll have a c-section.  It'll be around another twelve weeks before we can confirm either way.  Recovery time with a VBAC will be much faster and easier than a c-section.  So, move placenta, move!

Update again:  Uncle B&B have been blessed with a baby due two weeks after us.  We found out that their baby is a girl as well!  Aunt B said, "Isn't it funny how God does things!"  

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