Off we go

I ventured out to Ge & Granddaddy's alone.  Okay, not alone but without Mark.  We went for a day trip because it had been too long since we went to visit.  

The kids had a blast.

At some point in the day, Granddaddy showed me some mats he had that we thought might work for the Awana room.  He moved them to see how big they were and we found this:
 That's a possum in the corner of the mat.  A baby one.  And it kept moving and freaking us out.  Eventually, we scared it enough that it scampered up a tree.  The goal was to keep Ge's dogs away from it while it made it's escape.  We succeeded.

Then Ge put the kids to work moving rocks.  You would have thought they had hit jackpot.  My boys love to show off their muscle!

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