How we do the Fourth!

We celebrated the fourth of July the same as we always do with a little twist.  First, we attended a local army post's fourth of July celebration the 3rd.  Then on the actual day we grilled out and Mark set off the fireworks he got for his birthday.  However, after we had done our "meager" ones, we noticed some neighbors shooting off theirs and asked if we could come over and watch.  We bribed them with more sprinklers.

 Sprinkler fest with the neighbor kids!

Sprinkler line.

 Totally going to grab the plastic cups next year.  It will definitely save some hands from getting ouchies.

 Checking out the show.
 After this, Malachi was done and ready for bed so off we went.  Mark, all the kids and our neighbors headed down to do some bigger fireworks in an undeveloped part of the neighborhood.

My kids are so silly.  Bryant and Ceili Rain after climbing on the back of an army vehicle at the fort.

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