Color me...

June was a hard month.  I'm not going to lie.  It was just plain tough.  The kids were fine but the emotional side of all we were going through took it's toll on me that month.

So, to give us some smiles, I decided we would make good use of all of the broken crayons we had left over from previous years.  I purchased small loaf pans from the dollar store.  I also bought a couple of cute ice molds.  We had some candy molds in the house as well and we put those to use.

First, we peeled each broken crayon.  I mean each and every one.  It took two days.  Zoe and Ace were wiped out after that.
We separated the crayons into the loaf pans based on their shade/tint.

 Our first experiment was to put all of the crayons in to one pan.
 Yeah, brown was not what we were going for.

Next, we decided to melt all the crayons on very low heat.  They stayed in their individual loaf pans and after pouring the melted crayons in to the molds, the pans went back in to the oven to stay melted.  Please note:  not all of the crayons will melt.  Either they are too old or just a cheap brand.  But the ones that did were so cool.

The kids got to choose a mold to make specifically.  Some got creative and asked for different colors in one mold.  That gave us the swirl effect we were after when we dumped several colors in one pan.

 The final products!

These were so much fun and just a smidge of work.  The kids loved the result and are now reusing several crayons.

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