Week Three...No big change

So, I've lost .6 pounds and an inch in the thighs.  That's it.  I knew I probably wouldn't lose much weight.  I know that I'm building muscle so I'm a bit surprised that I haven't actually gained.  Bigger diet changes are coming this week.

The thigh loss has got to be from our inclines that I have biked around the neighborhood this week.  I think I've found my cardio.  I biked three times last week (with one leading to the pool where I did a few laps).  I'm keeping track with the Runkeeper app and so far have been able to shave two minutes off my mile time.  I'm biking around 20 minutes at a time.  I'll bump it to thirty minutes this week.  Maybe.  If my legs can stand it.  We have a few hills around the neighborhood but there are a couple of deceiving spots that look straight but are really inclined.  Pure.  Evil.

Anyway, so I'm on track with 42 Days to Fit.  Still working the diet and not too thrilled about giving up my evening snack (or just having it earlier) this week.  But I hope this will help me see inches melt away.  I love this because it's not a fad diet but a way to change my lifestyle.

I know pictures here would be nice but I've forgotten to take them so I'm going to get Mark to do that tonight.  But I'm just not ready to share them quite yet.

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