Elderly Multigravida and Baby Update

My silence can only mean one thing.  First trimester has caught up to me.  Okay, two.  We were traveling.

But now we're done traveling and I'm finally listening to everyone and trying to take it easy while this little one cooks for a few more weeks.  Then the 2nd trimester energy and no nausea will take over.

We went to the doctor in May and baby looked great and was measuring right at the number of weeks I should be at.

Unfortunately, another wicked old subchorionic hematoma was there.

Yep, that blob down below baby and to the left is the hematoma.  It's smaller than Malachi's but I was ordered to take it easy.  So, what I heard was no roller coasters, no monster trucks, and definitely no gymnastics.  I haven't been to the doctor in a few weeks but based on some issues I'm having, I think he really meant for me to take-it-easy.  No heavy lifting, no exercising...that kind of thing.  Baby seems to be fine based on the amount of nausea and extreme exhaustion I'm having.  We'll see how it all goes down later this week.

On a funny note, as we were waiting to check out, I looked down at my check out slipped and gawked.  My diagnosis, "Elderly Multigravida."  Translation:  I'm old and have had a lot of kids.  Mark thought it was quite hilarious.  Okay, so did I.  But surely, they could come up with a better term.  What happened to political correctness?

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  1. I'll keep you in my prayers! It's strange how you and I did the same hematoma thing. I know you look at Malachi and smile the same as I do with my Benjamin. Please take it easy. I know it's hard with being all "elderly multigravida" and all, but just do the best you can. Thinking of you :)--sandy