Finishing out

These are just two random pictures from January and February.  I wanted to include them in here for my personal history.

Ah, my Destructo Duo...While getting ready one morning, they raided my shoes (which are still in disarray...but I digress).  And then they came out requesting a picture...with those adorable faces, how could I refuse?

This is my friend Tracy's son, Wyatt.  He's wearing an Alabama helmet and when I snapped the picture he was saying, "Roll Tide!"  That may not matter to some but it does to Wyatt's father since he is a Georgia alum...sorry Kevin...but we had to record this for posterity.

Our mentally unstable dog has a problem.  Well, she has lots of problems.  Anyone know of a good pet pyschiatrist that could help a poor dog.  She needs therapy.  Badly.  Anyway, one of her problems is that she scratches a  lot and has created a nice dry spot on her back.  We decided to try the "cone of shame" to help give that spot time to heal.  (I can't take credit for the cone name...borrowed it from some friends).  When we finally got it on her, she had it off in under 15 minutes (after running in to everything she could find. It worked well for Ace though...

Actually, I think the giant floor fans have encouraged her to give up scratching...she's been less violent with it and a bit more relaxed.

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