This Means War!

Ah, we're now in to January! Aren't ya'll excited? Our January has been rather non-eventful. Until today. But I'll tell you about that tomorrow. Anyway, January 1st came upon us and I declared a battle of foam darts and generic "nerf" guns was in order. We stocked up. And Kristina made a mad dash for ammo and artillery and the war commenced. The kids quickly decided it would be adults against children. I do not think that was very fair since there were ten of them and three of us.  But it's safe to say we all survived and no one broke a bone.

The kids strategizing!

Zoe and some other children decided they needed away to transport their ammo.  Zoe chose this lovely basket!  It's all about how you accessorize, people.
I found this crew in a fall out shelter (aka the puppet theater in a corner of the playroom).  They were safe and sound and having their own little play time.
Bryant had his protective eye wear on.  Safety first.
Trying to get a non blurry picture of children on the attack is near to impossible.
Mr. J. attacking his own flesh and blood.  This is war...take no prisoners!
Liam in his makeshift fort.
In the thick of battle!

Laura told me, in passing, that this was an awesome time at our home!  Yeah, Mark and I know we're the cool parents.*

*I hope ya'll know I'm joking.  But it was a very fun afternoon of shooting one another.  Wait.  That didn't sound right.

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