Double Digits! Oh my!

Zoe turned ten last month!  Be still my heart.  I keep looking at her thinking about the little baby, toddler, girl, she was and then I blink and see the young lady she is becoming!

We joined pinterest last year.  And by "we," I mean Zoe and I.  It's all too common for us to sit and oogle over the pinned items and for her to call out something she wants me to pin.

Her birthday cake was one of the first pins we had.

Yep. A tie dye cake. My sweet girl is all about colors and this was her request way back in our early pinterest days. I was excited to try it but definitely a bit apprehensive.

But, try I did.  Here's the result:

 We did a funky design on top hoping it would mix in to the cake.  It didn't much but it was still fun to do.  I used a home made cake recipe and next time I'll double it for a two layered round cake to make the layers thicker.

Here's the top.  Gel colors.  So cool.

The inside.  Soooo yummy!  I also found a great buttercream icing recipe that didn't require shortening (blech).

She voted for a duct tape party and the girls made headbands!

 The boys' were not impressed.

 Zoe got a Lilla Rose clip of her very own.  She was pumped!
We traveled on her actual birthday so she had two celebrations.  Grandmere made some yummy cupcakes and presents were at both sets of grandparents' homes!

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