Christmas with Ge & Granddaddy

After a few days with Papa and Grandmere and seeing and loving on and being loved on relatives over there, we headed out to Ge and Granddaddy's house.  Aunt Yaya, Uncle J, and cousins J and E were there too.  Lots of play time and lots of cuddles all around.

Malachi's fever was down by the time we got over to Ge and Granddaddy's house but we noticed the rash on Sunday and the crankiness continued.  It was a very long visit for daddy and mama alike!  Regardless, we still enjoyed our family and watching the kids eyes light up at the gifts.

 Granddaddy is always the best seat in the house.

 Zoe started sewing lessons this year and loves them.  I'm excited to have a sewing companion now.

 My dear sister gave me the most adorable Bama Bear.  Love him!
 Aunt Yaya and family have discovered boomwhacker videos on youtube and Uncle Jay found them on a shopping trip.  He just knew we needed them.  Aunt Yaya said he pouted until she agreed to get them for our kids.  We thanked them immensely (sarcasm detected) and lamented that our payback had come.  We have no way to return the loud favor since their little ones aren't little anymore and noisemakers are a thing of the past.  Oh well.
Ge asked Josiah what he wanted for Christmas and he said a train.  She said he was the only one of ours who actually told her what he wanted.  He was thrilled!

And still the best seat.  Even for a nap.  Bryant was cuddled with his granddaddy and we could tell he was fading fast so Mark grabbed him to put him down but he protested and granddaddy insisted.  So, back in the lap he went and they both had a nice little snooze.  Bryant loves his granddaddy.

Here is one sample of how to correctly use boomwhackers:

If that doesn't satisfy your curiosity, then you should really just do a youtube search of boomwhackers!  You'll be hooked.

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