Nine Months Ago...

Nine months ago we got our seventh little gift!  Malachi is growing stronger and has more personality every single day.  I can't believe how much he has grown in changed in the past few months.  I know everyone says that but it's true.

I think he's outgrowing the basket!

Here's what he's up to:

Waves hi (mainly flails his arm around) and says, "Hi!" on occasion.
Up off his belly more when crawling.
Pulling up on everything, including pants legs and furntiure and brothers and sisters.
Cruising around furniture.
Laughing and smiling and generally loving his brothers and sisters and mom and dad.
Totally picky about who he will go to (besides immediate family) and very rarely will stay with them long...but bonus is if you are wearing a lot of clunky jewelry.
Eating table foods mushed up or blended.  Refuses baby foods.
Eating finger foods.
Drinking from a sippy cup.
Wanting "Beary the Bear"" always and chewing on his ears and tail.

Doctor stats:
19 lbs 3 oz (56%)-That makes him the biggest at this age.  Mainly he wins the title because Josiah went on a nursing strike at seven months as he cut four teeth at once and had a virus so he lost a few ounces.  I think he also wins the title because when he started baby food I put avocado in everything. Bananas and avocado, Squash and avocado, sweet potatoes and avocado.  Nothing like fattening a baby up with some good ol' super foods.
28 1/2 inches long (58%)
18 3/4 inches head (96%)...Big heads...ah yes.

"Um, I love smiling for you mom, but why am I in here?"

It's pretty safe to say that we are all as smitten with him now as we were nine months ago.  We are all totally in love with this little man!

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