Our annual trip to the dairy farm and corn maze almost didn't happen.  With moving and getting ready to go out of town and the like, we've been really busy.  We decided to make time.  It's that important for us!  And it was a great stress reliever.  The day was a bit rainy but not enough that we couldn't go!

 Don't worry.  That gray is gone now.  I look much younger (at least I keep saying that in my brain).

 My kids are aspiring dairy farmers.
 No, I don't know who Liam is riding with.  But he was kind enough to share the cart with her.  Such a gentleman!

 Buddies.  My heart melts.
 Josiah made sure Ceili Rain was safe too.  He loves protecting his little sister (when he's not beating her up because she took his toy).
I'm not sure what the lip biting is about.  She got the cart all to her self!  Lucky girl.

 There is an amazing young lady who was doing face painting at Chick-fil-a one night.  Everyone got their faces painted except Zoe.  So, Zoe didn't want to miss the opportunity to have it done when we saw her at the dairy farm.  She is really talented on face and with other media!  And my daughter is beautiful.
 The boys were all about spiders this day.

 And Ceili Rain wanted a flower!
 Bryant's first time on the jumping pillow without crying.  We were thrilled.

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