Moving Day Monsoon

I took zero pictures on moving day.  None.  Nada.  Zilch.   But oh the story.

The day before our official move, Mark and several wonderful men came over to help load up the truck.  Two wonderful women watched the kids at our church so I could help pack up.  By help, I mean, I stood there and stared at all the "stuff" we had acquired in ten years of living in one house.  It was a lot of stuff ya'll.  I forgot about a bunch of it too.

So, that night we slept on mattresses on the floor and boys thought that was the coolest thing ever.  We all arose bright and too early and got ready to head to the new house.

I knew there was a chance of rain that afternoon, so I checked the weather before heading out.  The radar showed no rain.  The radar, dear friends, was wrong!

It was sunny when I headed out with a van full of kids and stuff to the new house.  We were about fifteen minutes out when I saw the clouds up ahead.  Dark, almost black.  This did not look good.  Five minutes out and the big rain drops started hitting the cruiser.  By the time we got to our subdivision the drops were so big and so many that I couldn't see well to get to our street.  Our street was flooded.  I pulled in to the garage, called Mark and gave him the heads up.  He was on his way and saw it too.  I dropped the kids off in the garage and parked on the street so Mark could pull the moving truck up to the garage.  When I hopped out of the van to dash to the house I landed in water up to my calf.  I just knew I was going to go kersplat (wearing flip flops no less) on the grass as I sprinted to the house.

We spent the rest of moving day with either downpours or sticky humidity.  Through it all we had about eight or so guys hauling things in from their trucks or the moving truck or running to get more stuff.  They were awesome.

That's not all though.

On the way in, Mark gets a call from work.  He wasn't on call, but he was the only one who could fix the problems that were popping up.  He had to go in.  Again, these eight/nine/ten men worked their tails off without the lead worker.  Mark was so upset that he had to leave for a few hours.  However, we were very blessed that these men were willing to stick to it and help get us moved in.  I continue to be grateful for their love and dedication and their wives for loaning them out and dealing with the sweaty wet clothes when they got home!!

So, I spent most of moving day still in shock and just staring at things.  I had no clue where to start or what to do.  I spent most of that weekend in that state.

Finally, by Monday, I had my plan and went to work unpacking our new home.  And that, dear friends, is why I did not take pictures on moving day.

Here is a link to Bowl Full of Lemons on organizing a move.  I highly recommend this method!

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