Malachi is Six Months!

I can not believe this little man is now six months old!  He continues to be the fun one.  He laughs at everything.  The dog walks by.  He laughs.  He yanks my hair and I tell him no.  He laughs.  Any number of siblings walk through a room.  He laughs.  If you look at him.  He laughs.  But when he is teething or has a present in his diaper.  Well.  He can get cranky.  He started wanting to go to sleep on his own.  I mean fussing and fighting if we try to rock him some times.  This started the week we closed on our house.  And yes, I miss the rocking cuddles.  I always do.  Sometimes, every now and then, he'll cuddle up and let me rock him to sleep but that is getting few and far between since he can do this:

And, he's now mobile.  He started a belly crawl/slither at the end of his fifth month and continues to improve (meaning go faster).  He's also getting up on all fours but he can't figure out how to actually make him self go forward in that position so he'll plop back on the floor and take off again.

I'll post videos tomorrow of his amazing feats.  For now.  The stats:

17 lbs 12 oz (50%)
28 inches long (92%)

Josiah's stats at this age still make him the winner for chunkiest.  Malachi is continuing with our trend of babies slimming down around six months.

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