Instagram Fun

For when I don't have a camera handy but always have my phone.
The potty was brought in to the kitchen to help with a meal (it doubles as a step stool).  Ceili Rain and Bryant were playing with it and discovered it was a potty so by her prompting, Bryant dropped his drawers and his diaper and plopped on to the potty.  She was totally encouraging him too.  I can't put what she was saying but she was being a good potty trainer.

 I made homemade yogurt.  In the crockpot.  Very cool and easy.  Bryant showed me he liked it by getting a yogurt gotee.  He wanted to look like daddy!

Unfortunately for us, my dear and precious Aunt Mary lost her fight with brain tumors in May.  We were and are completely devastated and there is a big hole in our family due to her being home with the Lord.  We rejoice that she is in heaven and celebrating her new whole body!  When we traveled for the funeral, Malachi got to come along.  His cousin, J, got to meet him.  That's granddaddy holding him in case the moustache through you off.

Aunt Yaya got to meet him as well.  In fact, from the moment we saw them, she took over baby duty.  She loves the babies!  She also loves that she can return them to their mommies (not really...she really loves the babies).

Bryant-wearing his brothers' "crocs" on the wrong feet.  He was so proud.

 Yo!  Yo!  What's up?!
My little mermaid...oh, I crack myself up!

Argh me mateys!

Okay, I've secretly longed for instagram on my droid phone.  Now that they have it for the droid I'm "happy, happy, happy."  (Bonus points if you know where that quote came from...oh yeah.)

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