Skirting the Issue

I loved the fabric we (that would be Zoe and I) picked out for their spring dresses.  So, on the Friday before Resurrection Sunday, I finished up Zoe's dress and decided to check and see if I could make something for me to go along with it.  I had just enough fabric to piece together a skirt...with the added white tablecloth (no joke...I'd actually been saving it to use for an underskirt for another tablecloth I have...yes, I'm serious).

I would have totally documented this undertaking if I hadn't been so unsure of if it would work.  This led me to decide to ask for a dress form for Christmas.  It's easy to try things on the girls as I make them but for me, well, I can't really tell what it looks like.  I'm not sure I'd enjoy trying to pin something on me as I twisted and turned as well.

Hopefully, in a couple of weeks when I've lost a few inches, I'll try it on and you can get the full view of it!  I love the patchwork of it and I totally love the colors!

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