Malachi in March

Today mark's Malachi's first month here!  I still can't believe he's a month old.  My recovery is going really well.  Malachi is doing great too.  Sleeping, eating, and that other stuff.  I do have to brag...Malachi is our fourth child to sleep through the night (five hours or more), at before a month.  Now, don't start hating.  I've done my share of up every two hours and walking and crying babies (okay, Mark's done his fair share...he's our primary nighttime parent...His choice...again, don't hate.  I've tried to convince him to let me do it but he won't).  I don't sleep train them to do this.  They just sleep long stretches at night.  Can't explain why!

Also, he marked his four weeks by starting to smile.  He started out smiling at my friend, Kristina on April 2.  We thought it was a fluke, but the next day he smiled at Mark and me.  We were pretty impressed with his toothless grins and he's offered them up to his brothers and sisters too.  I'll get those pictures up soon.

On to a smathering (I just love that nonsensical word), of beautiful Malachi pictures.

A dear friend from church.  We actually met when she was posting on a forum about moving to our area.  I've been so blessed to get to know her and her amazing and wonderful family!
Our awesome babysitter!  She loves babies and my kids.  That's a plus in our book!
Another friend from church.  She's like a substitute grandmom to my kids!  Even the boys...who seek her out to get paper airplanes!

He loves sleeping with his hands clung together.  Praying...

Two Weeks

 Yo Peeps!

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