A Bunch of Spring Chickens

Here's everyone decked out in their Spring finest.  I'm absolutely in love with the girls' dresses this year!  The fabric was from Marie-Madeline and the pattern was from The Handmade Dress.

 Don't they just look like they're the next Rat Pack?!

My beautiful girls!

Ceili Rain's hand is fine.  She has on a bicycle wrist pad.

Cool light reflection on my sweet princess!

Everyone wanted a picture holding Malachi.

With them all running around, it was hard to get individual shots of them.  I leave that to the expert!  But, they were mostly patient enough for us to get our annual Ressurrection Day pictures so after some good shots we told them to photo bomb!  Without us ever telling them what a photo bomb was, they did it!  And they were really good too.  Experts I say.

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