What a day

Well, what a day.
We have gone from the high of very smooth contractions that seemed to be doing their job to the low of being concerned because little man wouldn't move down into position.

Abbie will give you all the details, but the short version is that Mr. Malachi would have been born by 12:30 if his head had been situated correctly. Instead of getting into a tuck position, he decided to try to see where he was going. That meant that instead of the back of his head going first, his forehead and half his face was coming out first.

So, with our great doctor being very patient with the situation and giving us his best advice, we have now done the whole C-section experience.
We praise God for His protection and wisdom yesterday. He really gave us peace along the way as we prayed and sought Him.

Through it all, my sweet and amazing wife was strong and sweet and brave. I am so incredibly proud of her. I couldn't count the number of times the doctors and nurses were complimentary of her endurance and attitude.

So, for the morning after update, Malachi is doing very well, is nursing like a champ, and gave us a 4 hour stretch to rest. Abbie has been able to rest of and on, and seems to be recovering smoothly.

Thanks for all your prayers yesterday and encouragement. Abbie specifically mentioned how nice that was and how she appreciated it.

More pictures to follow when possible.

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